The MagnifyHer Manifesto

Dare to Care

She is clothed in strength and dignity;

Laughing without fear of the future.

And when the clouds come…

She gets ready to dance in the rain.


She knows it’s not going to be easy;

But believes it will be worth it.

And when she finds comfort,

She digs deeper.


She does nothing in secret or just for show

And like the giraffe who stretches its reach

To the highest trees, for the best life has to offer…

She dares to stick her neck out.


Daring to share with those who have nothing to give

Caring for those who can not care for themselves…

She lights her lamp, a beacon to others

Beckoning for all to shine brighter.


And like those who came before her she knows…

Her imperfections are her true beauty…

And it’s better to have been outrageously authentic

Than to have said nothing at all.



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